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Hessle Computers
29 The Weir
East Yorkshire
HU13 0SB

Tel: 01482 645304

EMail: sales@kim-uk.com

Opening hours:
Monday - Friday - 9 am to 5 pm
Saturday - 9.30 am to 1 pm
Sunday - Closed
Offer of the Year.
I have available a 2nd Hand Refurbished 00VJ system.

2nd Batch with the Black case, full hardware specs-
- 17inch LCD Touch Screen 1280x1024
- Delta 1010LT Sound Card
- Windows 7 Business. 64Bit
- Illuminated Keyboard with Mouse.

System in full working order, few metalwork blemishes and the text is starting to wear away (nothing a skin cant cure. Click Here)

Does NOT include any Music / Video content or Audio software.

Asking for £2995 ono
Please give me a ring if you are interested. 01482 645304
Personal sale, reason for sale is the machine has not been used for months and seems a waste for it to be gathering dust.
Steve.H (Master 00 builder from ComputerDJ / Valewaytechnology )

P.S. Also available is a brand New system. Never used still in box, available from Toughbooks Direct UK. They are asking for £5000. Phone number 07900282829.
Posted on 25 Sep 2014 by Hunt7s
We are proud to present to you a Safe, Efficient and FREE way to recycle your old house hold electronics. We now accept most electronic items from the home. Items including , but not limited to TV’s, Computers, Stereos, Clocks, MP3 Players, Game Consoles, Hand Held devices and Vacuum Cleaners. We will not however accept White goods such as Washers, Dryers and Fridge Freezers as we are unable to get these recycled.

Items that may contain personal data, like Computers, Tablets, USB Drives, Mobile Phones..etc, will all have their data disposed of in a secure way in accordance with the WEEE directive.

We also would like to offer the FreeCycle option for your Old, but working items. What we would like to try to achieve, is a location where people can bring in old items, and then offer them out to others that can still make use of them, for free*. For example if you have upgraded your MP3 player, and have a smaller one that you no longer have use for, pop it in and we will wipe the music and get it ready for another user, who can then take it away for free.

Any Enquirers, Please give us a phone on 01482 645304

*if the items require some repair to make sure they are safe for the next customer, then the repair costs will be covered by a small sale price.
Posted on 18 Aug 2014 by Hunt7s
After allot of people asking the questions about Windows XP and the end of Microsofts support for it we are putting the basic answers below:

- Windows XP will still work, it will not stop running and it will not delete your files..

- Your Windows XP computer is now at a higher risk of Viruses, Malware and other nasty issues with using the internet.

- New software / hardware may not support Windows XP, so you will always be stuck with the current software / Hardware (i.e. printer, scanner, Digital Camera, Mobile Phone) as the new ones may not be supported on your computer.

- Your computer may now get even slower and more unstable as time passes.

Its these issues that Microsoft were trying to protect Windows XP users from with each and every update.

So what should you do?

Here are your options:

- Remove your computer from the Internet and have it as a stand alone unit.
This can be a good idea for a system that is only used for photos or the odd letter, but in the long run it does mean that the computer is now just a glorified typewriter and photo album. So no e-mail, or web browsing can be done on this machine once it is removed from the internet.

- Have your current computer checked to see if it can be updated to run Windows 7.
This can be the cheapest option but will still set you back in the region of £130 if no hardware needs changing. All your Data can be transferred over from your old version of Windows, but only programs that you have the serial numbers for (and are supported on the newer Windows) can be transferred.

- Purchase a new computer with Windows 7, or 8.1 on it.
This will be the best long term option, as it will provide you with a faster computer and since its new hardware should last you a good length of time. All your Data can be transferred over from your old computer, but only programs that you have the serial numbers for (and are supported on the newer Windows) can be transferred. New computers from ourselves start at £299, this includes the data transfer and fantastic after sales service.

For Companies that still use Windows XP only applications, as long as you upgrade to Windows 7 Pro, then you can always run a virtual XP system that is always going to remain safe away from the internet. Download that Virtual Machine..

Please do not hesitate to phone or come and see us for a longer discussion about anything you may need to know about Windows XP or the upgrade to the current systems.

Always here to help.
Posted on 12 Apr 2014 by Hunt7s

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